Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Durian- The stinky fruit

All over Asia you will find signs saying no durian allowed, or simply a picture of a durian fruit with an X through it. Durian or Thurien (ทุเรียน) is thought to be one of the most offensively smelling fruits in the world. People all around don’t allow it in their places of business. They find the smell of durian to be something like rotting cheese and sticky feet. It lingers into the air and makes you feel like you have never smelled anything worse. Though, durian in Thailand is a bit milder then ones that you may find up north. Here is still has a strange odor, one that is undeniable. Its smell wafts into the air and stings your nose. The fruit is hard and spiky on the outside.  It looks like an oblong weird old football. Once you open it you can see that there are small pockets holding the flesh of the fruit, each one with a seed in the middle. Durian has the consistency of creamy custard with the taste of a smelly cheese. It is served hot and in some ways melts into your mouth. You have to pick up the whole “pod” and suck off the fleshy part. Durian resembles a smelly, very soft cheese that for some reason people do truly enjoy. I didn’t really love the fruit but didn’t hate it either. One try was enough for me but I didn’t really see all the hype of how terribly bad it was or how people puke trying it. Durian is a mysterious fruit with a bad name that only seems to make it taste even worse.

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