Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Khao Phat Gui Kai Dao

Khao Phat Gui Kai Dao
The perfect fried egg
Thai fried rice, a staple to their diet and a staple to mine. No, Thai fried rice is not what you think it is. It’s not like the fried rice you get down the street from the American Chinese restaurant that you frequent at least once a week. This fried rice, Khao Phat Gui (ข้าวผัด), is different. It’s actually good, flavorful and doesn’t just taste like rice with a few veggies thrown in it. Why is it so good you ask!? Well it’s the fish sauce of course, Thai’s main form of salt. You start with some perfectly made rice, nice and tough to the bite and fry it up with some fish sauce, oyster sauce and a little sesame oil. They add chicken (or whatever kind of protein you want), and some veggies. One of the Thai’s favorite veggie is morning glory, which can be compared to a green bean but much more crunchy. This whole dish is fried up in a wok to a perfect slight crunch then served with cucumber, lime and a whole green onion that you are supposed to dip in the spicy fish sauce, pepper mixture on every table. Throw a perfectly fried egg on top to make it super Thai and to give it an extra punch of protein and you've got a great meal. This is perfect rice and with a little spicy sauce on top your set to go to enjoy a great mixture of sweet, spicy and sour. The main tastes of Thailand.

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