Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Bluest Mussels

Tasty blue mussels
It’s no surprise that the seafood I’ve been eating is outrageous. I live on a coast and would expect nothing better. The shrimp is fresh, the fish smells of the sea and the mussels are the prettiest I have ever seen. They are called Perna viridis, green mussel, also called hoi maeng phu  or หอยแมงภู่, in Thai. Mussels in the states are good and taste good too but these mussels are amazing. They are so blue and so fresh you can taste only sea and not that gross fishy aftertaste that you sometimes get. These mussels would cost an arm and a leg in America but here you get a massive bag, almost too big to finish, for around 50 cents! Yes that’s right I said 50 cents! Ridiculous! They come with a fresh green birds eye chili sauce that brightens up the mussels even more. This is definitely one of my guilty pleasures here in Thailand. They are so cheap and so good. I sometimes have trouble walking past them at the market. These little mussels are prefect for a little snack or to share for dinner, I just can’t get enough of them!

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