Sunday, November 27, 2011


Bugs Galore!
Adorable bug lady.

Uncooked bugs.
 Thai’s love their easy sources of protein, especially when it can be fried and flavored with chilies and soy sauce, and one of their favorite little sacks full of protein are the infamous bugs that are extremely abundant all over Thailand. They eat these like we eat potatoes chips, and for good reason. These tasty little treats are almost like Thai popcorn. Once you can get past the fact that you are indeed eating a bug you soon realize that what’s in you mouth if wonderful. They take the little silkworms, or bee larva (หนอนไหม), and fry them with tons of holy basil then sauce them up with chilies and soy sauce.  When eating these tasty treats, you cant even tell that they are bugs. If I handed someone a little silkworm and told him or her to close their eyes and open their mouth I promise that they would love them. It’s just the stigma that “bugs are bad” in which we were raised that makes us think there are going to be gross and disgusting. Bugs are a nice little snack and very cheap. Now I haven’t go tot the massive grasshoppers, those might take a little time, but I’m sure that they are just as tasty as their little brothers and sisters. These little larva are good.

Cooked bugs, in bag.

Still in the bag
Getting them ready...
Just when you thought I was done eating all the little critters I did it again. But this time I figured go hard or go home. I ate the big one, the one that makes you gag just looking at it. This bug, who knows what kind of bug it is, was big, it was hard and it had a little bitter tooth that I'm sure would hurt like hell if I had eaten it. I had to pull the legs, the hard outer shell, the "beak" and the wings off before I could even imagine eating it. Then, as if putting it in my mouth would be easier I pushed for the finish line. Like a champ I threw it in my mouth, and nearly puked. This tasted like rotten, growing liver and was crunchy and soft at the same time. Oh bugs, the enjoyment I get from eating you will never die but the terrible taste in my mouth, thankfully, left soon after  my experience.
My face during.

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